April 29, 2020 by spencerjean_do

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Telehealth or Virtual Osteopathic Consultations! Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting any in-person osteopathic consultations. We are following recommended guidelines and will notify our patients as soon as we are able to accept in-person appointments.


Access to healthcare services can my all the difference in the world – especially during these unprecedented times. The way of the world has changed, and we must adapt with it. With in-person services not currently available, we are still able to provide the highest quality of care through our telehealth or virtual care services at a distance.

Our telehealth services are easy to use, secure, safe and convenient.


Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email or text link to your appointment session. This will enable both audio and video connection between you and the clinician. Any documentation that you need to review and complete prior to your appointment will be sent to you ahead of time.

If at any time during the session, we believe that an in-person appointment is urgent, we will provide appropriate guidance and referrals.


  1. At the beginning of your telehealth consultation, the clinician will review your case, obtain consent to participate in the session via the secure platform.
  2. Just like an in-person consultation, the clinician will listen to the patient’s chief complaint, concerns and current status.
  3. The clinician will then perform an assessment. The patient may be asked to perform specific movements or orthopedic tests to help determine the osteopathic diagnosis.
  4. Once the clinician is confident in the proper diagnosis, a treatment plan will be recommended. The treatment plan can include but is not limited to the following:
    1. A thorough explanation of the condition/ injury.
    2. What to expect and the prognosis.
    3. A treatment plan which you can provide in the comfort of your home using the tools the patient has available such as electrotherapy, rest/activity, ice/heat, self therapy mobilizations, and therapeutic exercises.
  5. Any questions the patient may have will be answered to the best of our ability.
  6. Once the patient and the clinician have agreed upon the provided treatment plan, the clinician will recommend any necessary follow up appointments which will be scheduled accordingly.
  7. After the consultation has completed, the clinician will email the documented treatment plan to the patient which will entail a full description of the condition being treated, the detailed treatment plan provided, a pdf download of the therapeutic exercises prescribed as well as a direct link to review the video of the therapeutic exercises prescribed.


13:48 28 Feb 22
The guy is a wizard. I’ve been looking for a long time for someone that knows what they’re doing when it comes to backs. I will only see Spencer now going forward. If you decide to see someone else for back pain I’m not sure if you really want to get better. Whole clinic is great.
Mallika SomayajuluMallika Somayajulu
16:26 22 Feb 22
Dr. Spencer is awesome. Because of him, My back pain is gone and I can do the things I like again. His staff are very professional and polite.
mariette renaudmariette renaud
19:56 11 Feb 22
After many years of cervical spine discomfort and osteoarthritis most likely as a result of sitting at a desk for a good number of years, I found myself wanting to find an alternative means towards improving my spine health!My Naturopath Doctor recommended I see an Oesteopath namely Spencer Jean who came highly recommended.Spencer welcomed me into his office and the conversation began as to how to go about the process of correcting my posture! A plan of attack was formulated as to how to begin the process which was amazingly positive based on his confidence in doing so along with my part in wanting to do so!Today my posture has improved tremendously and I cannot thank Spencer enough for getting me to this point! The exercises are not difficult and As I see the progress, I am so much more encouraged in doing so! Thank you so much Spencer and the wonderful welcoming staff at Community Chiropractic Centre! I am truly blessed!
Spencer has been a great benefit to me, as he listens to what is wrong and works to help with that problem; so that I get some relief & can do more of my ADL. Before meeting Spencer & being under his care; I had very limited relief of discomfort. I would recommend anyone with chronic pain & skeletal ailments to give Spencer a try. He maybe just what you need in your life.
Tea MalbasicTea Malbasic
13:23 13 Jul 21
Spencer is great! Very professional and caring. After years of chronic back pain, I can honestly say I feel better after every visit. The office staff is friendly and very easy to deal with!
Nik DobrichNik Dobrich
03:18 17 Jul 20
Dr. Jean has helped me tremendously. Appointments are always on time and very professional. Would highly recommend !
Olivia RivardOlivia Rivard
16:43 21 Oct 19
Spencer is an amazing osteopath. I brought my 3 week old to see him for colic and he has helped her immensely! She is now 3 months and doing so well. Spencer is fantastic with babies. He is so caring and my little just adores him! Highly recommend his service.
Steven GombaiSteven Gombai
18:10 06 Aug 19
I actually love going to see Spencer. He addresses my problems and I'm not sitting around for hours past my appointment time waiting to see him. In and out within 30 minutes. He takes care of my kids as well. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.Thanks for keeping us all in one piece and keeping us at our 100% for our tournaments.

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